Bookkeeping and cash flow management

Louw Cooper Rasool offers a flexible, monthly bookkeeping and capturing service that delivers to our clients’ individual needs efficiently and cost effectively. Sound bookkeeping practices are essential for a variety of reasons, but also because they underpin good cash flow management – one of the greatest contributors to business sustainability.

Our cash flow service spans the preparation of clients’ annual, quarterly or monthly management statements (i.e. profit and loss statements, balance sheets and cash flow reports). These documents help inform internal decision-making and promote longer-term thinking and improved business planning. They also form part of the supporting documentation needed for the successful loan applications.


Value-added Tax (VAT) vendors are required to declare to SARS the difference between VAT incurred, and VAT charged to customers. The VAT calculation is a key aspect of business accounting – especially for small businesses – and it must be done as part of the monthly accounting process.

As a result, Louw Cooper Rasool offers a highly efficient VAT bookkeeping and calculations services. We also take care of all submission (of VAT returns) to SARS. Also see VAT