Tax Advice for Individuals

The manner in which individuals manage their personal taxes can have far-reaching legal and financial implications.

Louw Cooper Rasool’s tax experts advise our clients on the best way to structure salaries and assets to ensure maximum efficiency. Our (short and long term) planning and advisory service includes:

  • Personal tax compliance
  • Personal tax planning
  • Tax consultancy and structuring

International Tax Advice

South African taxpayers who live in the country and derive income from sources outside of the country must declare such income to SARS. Similarly, South African taxpayers living abroad, but receiving income from sources within SA must declare such income to SARS.

Louw Cooper Rasool’s tax consultants assists clients by:

  • Determining their tax residence status
  • Advising on the most tax-efficient way to structure local and foreign assets/ income
  • Assisting with all communication with SARS and relevant international tax authorities

In addition to specialising in the provision of South Africa-specific tax services, Louw Cooper Rasool is affiliated with 1st Contact Tax – a specialist in the handling of UK tax returns.


Donations Tax

Donations Tax is payable by any South African resident that disposes of property (in any form), motivated by liberty, i.e. free of charge. Louw Cooper Rasool assists our clients by finding the most viable ways in which to deal with donations. Services include:


  • Declaring donations to SARS in accordance with SARS Donations Tax Law
  • Advising on the many requirements of Donations Tax and related liability
  • Including donations tax as part of estate planning