New Company Registrations

At an administrative level, Louw Cooper Rasool’s company registration service is fast, efficient and cost effective. Contributory factors are:

  • Our knowledge of the SA Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) requirements and
  • The fact that we follow proper process from the start

At a more strategic level, we advise on the implications of critical decisions with far reaching implications (i.e. financial year date selection).


In South Africa, company registrations are a legal imperative – a situation which has, unfortunately, given rise to opportunistic behaviour.

There are, however, no “short cuts” to registering a business in SA. It is critical to avoid the considerable risks associated with non-compliance. In addition, due process must be followed to avoid expensive and laborious, but necessary corrective action at a later stage.

Ask the following questions of registration service providers to help you make the right choice:

  • Will your registration document reflect your company name or will you simply be issued with a number? (Such a number will then have to be changed to your company name at a later date.)
  • What advice is on offer regarding the setting of your company’s financial year dates?


Louw Cooper Rasool draws on years of experience when advising our clients’ on their registration decisions. We are familiar with all the relevant legislation and up to date with SARS’s changing systems. As a result, we process registrations effectively the first time, eliminating the need for time consuming changes in the future.


Ours is a cost effective service that delivers peace of mind. It includes:

  • New company registrations (and amendments) with the CIPC, previously CIPRO
  • Company income tax registrations
  • VAT registrations
  • PAYE, UIF and Skills Development Levy (SDL) applications
  • Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA) compensation and annual submissions
  • BEE applications