At Louw Cooper Rasool, we focus on innovation by embracing technology. This focus gives the clients the peace of mind of knowing that Louw Cooper Rasool uses technology to continue to drive efficiencies within on systems. This single-minded focus allows our staff to focus on providing the client service and value adds that the clients have come to expect.

One of the biggest shifts within the accounting and taxation services has been the move away from desktop accounting and practice management packages to that of cloud-based offerings. The cloud-based offerings have allowed an inclusive approach towards the accounting function. The client engages with the product more readily and prevents the perceived siloed accounting function. Not only does cloud-based offerings provide a better service and reporting function, but it also benefits from the technology advancements which allow for less human intervention which in turn decreases the errors and time spent processing. Please refer to our previous article which outlines the benefits of cloud-based accounting packages.

LouwCooperRasool has partnered with Xero, a cloud-based accounting package which has revolutionised the market. LCR believes that moving away from traditional based desktop accounting packages will allow for us to focus on our clients and providing the in-depth advisory services they both deserve and require.

If you are needing assistance with accounting work or are looking at joining the Xero Revolution, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can assist you with your Xero journey. On a recent Xero Roadshow in Cape Town, one of the headline presenters said that “change is inevitable” and we would tend to agree. Accounting and bookkeeping as we currently know it is in a flux of change and will soon be unrecognisable. With that in mind, LouwCooperRasool realises the need to partner with the future market leading platforms, which we believe Xero is, if not currently, will be. By becoming a partner with Xero, it underpins our values of using technology to drive value to our clients.

Please contact us with any of your accounting and taxation requirements. Email or call us directly 021 761 3489.