SARS Registrations

SARS REGISTRATIONS – Get your tax affairs in order and ensure 100% compliance with the assistance of a specialised Louw Cooper Rasool SA Tax consultant.

Louw Cooper Rasool can assist you by assessing whether or not you are liable to register for income tax, processing your registration and ensuring you have up-to-date copies of all the paperwork. You won’t have to go to SARS and wait in queues; your tax consultant will liaise with SARS on your behalf.

We will make your SARS registration as quick, as painless, as valuable and as easy as we possibly can for you.  You do not need to feel overwhelmed or get confused.  Our team will facilitate a comfortable SARS registration for you especially if you are residing in Cape Town.  We are waiting for your call.

Objections and Appeals with SARS

Should SARS issue a wrong assessment or if you are not happy with the tax treatment of a certain income or expenditure item, a Louw Cooper Rasool Tax consultant can liaise with them on your behalf and find the appropriate solution.

Louw Cooper Rasool can assist you with identifying any errors made by SARS regarding your tax return, submission of an objection or appeal on your behalf, drafting of heads of argument and correspondence with SARS, as we are registered tax practitioners we have weekly appointments with SARS consultations.  We are specialists at SARS registrations.  We understand the lingo and we have the experience – there is no need for you to spend your precious time with appeals and objections.


Tax file maintenance

Have your remembered to keep all of your records for a minimum of 5 years?  According to Sec 73A ITA, all relevant tax records and documents must be retained for a period of 5 years. The record-keeping requirement also applies to any capital gain or loss. Let Louw Cooper Rasool assist you with the saving and storing of all your relevant tax documents (both physically and electronically), tax file maintenance and communication with SARS.

We also promote the use of cloud accounting software such as Xero as an alternative to storing hard copies.  We would love to give you a demo to explain more about this fantastic small to medium business accounting software.  Perfect to keep everything organised when you start with your SARS registrations.