Tax Clearance Certificate for Individuals

South Africans who wish to purchase property, transfer money overseas, emigrate or apply for tenders are required to produce Tax Clearance Certificates (TCCs) as proof that they have no outstanding information due to SARS.

Louw Cooper Rasool arranges TCCs fast by preparing all the paperwork, and applying to SARS, on our clients’ behalf.

SARS will, however, only issue a TCC when the taxpayer has:

  • Registered for an income tax reference number and the number is active
  • No outstanding debt for all taxes (Secondary Tax on Companies, Administrative Penalties, Employees’ Tax)
  • Adhered to deferred arrangements
  • All returns and/or declarations up to date or in the process of being assessed by SARS
  • The registration details on the TCC01 corresponds with information on the SARS systems

We therefore also assist our clients with gaining compliance before a successful application for a TCC is made.