Xero Accounting South Africa: Online Cloud-based Accounting Software for Businesses 


Xero Accounting is Online Bookkeeping Making Accounting Easy!

Xero accounting is online accounting. Xero is web based accounting software for small businesses or large businesses.  We would even go so far as to say that it is the best bookkeeping software in South Africa.  Xero is web based accounting so it is not hosted on your desktop, but rather on the cloud.

Why Cloud Accouting?

The benefits of cloud accounting include:

· Customers have access to their accounts instantaneously.

· Collaboration is simplified.

· Back-ups are automatically stored securely on the cloud.


Why Change to Xero Accounting in South Africa?

Being an SME (Small business enterprise) ourselves, we understand the need to focus on your core business activities. Administration functions such as accounting are incredibly important but unfortunately time-consuming. Hence the need to make sure that you as the entrepreneur use technology to create efficiencies in those administrative tasks, freeing up the time to focus on your business. Xero is one of those tools that can assist in streamlining your processes.


Benefits of Xero Accounting?

· Data is real-time and automatically updated, therefore always accessing the up-to-date version.

· Automation of functions (bank feeds/rules) allows less human processing and therefore fewer errors.

· Automated backups (stored in the cloud).

· User permission allows for greater collaboration.  You can tweak the user permissions to suit your needs.

· Real-time updating allows for reporting to be accurate.

· Clients have access in real time – less chance of duplication of work (e.g., directly invoicing from platform).

· No major installations.

· Includes an app for accounting.

· Your bookkeeping will be done quicker as there are plenty of automated features in Xero like repeat invoices and more.

· You can monitor your business from anywhere with an internet connection.

Some of the Features in Xero Accouting South Africa

· Invoicing – automated invoicing with an online payment option

· Inventory – manage your inventory, stock and effortlessly add or edit items into your invoices and orders

· Dashboard – your dashboard will quickly let you see exactly what is happening with your bank accounts and is customisable

· Bank Statements – you can link Xero Accounting with your bank to download your statements in real-time

· Bank reconciliation – keep a close eye on your money coming in and out

· Expenses – track, record, claim and manage all your expenses and receipts

· Security – Xero Accounting ensures top level information security at all times

· Pay you Bills – improve your cash flow, reduce office admin and pay your bills on time with Xero

· Projects – allows you to track the time and money you spend on a job and lets you easily assess if it is profitable

· Mobile App – record your expenses, invoices and reconcile your account whilst you are on the move easily