Tax Clearance Certificates for Companies

We prepare all the paperwork and apply to SARS on your behalf. LouwCooperRasool secures Tax Clearance Certificates (TCCs) fast because we prepare all the paperwork and apply to SARS on our clients' behalf. Our practitioners meet with SARS regularly and these relationships, together with our proven TCC administration process, enable us to obtain clients' TCCs quickly and cost-effectively.

Companies and individuals apply for TCCs in order to validate their tax status for:

  • Confirmation of good standing, i.e. confirmation that the applicant is tax compliant, when participating in tenders or bid applications, or pitching for new business
  • Applications for foreign investment allowances (FIAs)
  • Emigration

SARS will, however, only issue a TCC when the taxpayer has:

  • Registered for an income tax reference number and the number is active
  • No outstanding debt for all taxes (Secondary Tax on Companies, Administrative Penalties, Employees’ Tax)
  • Adhered to deferred arrangements
  • All returns and/or declarations up to date or in the process of being assessed by SARS
  • Applications


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