Tax Returns

In South Africa, calculation and submission of individual tax returns to the South African Revenue Service (SARS) are compulsory for registered taxpayers.

LouwCooperRasool's consultants are deadline-driven and reliable. Our service is focused on ensuring our clients':

  • Full compliance with SA's Income Tax legislation, and
  • Maximum benefit from the most favourable tax structure available for his/ her personal situation

We meet, and correspond with, SARS on our clients' behalf on a near-daily basis. This ensures that submissions are processed fast, enhances our relationship with SARS and keeps us up to date with SARS's ongoing process and systems changes. Our personal income tax services are cost effective and include:

  • Identifying whether someone is liable for income tax
  • Processing tax registrations to save clients from having to go to a SARS office and wait in queues
  • Identifying whether you should register as provisional taxpayer
  • Invaluable individual tax return advice
  • Tax calculations
  • Submission of tax returns
  • Voluntary disclosure applications

SARS Objections and Appeals

In a system that supports 13,7 million registered taxpayers things do, at times, go wrong. We assist individual taxpayers when their tax treatment is not as beneficial as it could be, when SARS issues incorrect assessments, or in the event of any other tax related eventualities. To this end, our tax consultants liaise directly with SARS on our clients behalf in an ongoing process which includes weekly appointments with SARS consultants to ensure that issues are quickly and permanently resolved.

Tax File Maintenance

In accordance with South Africa's Income Tax legislation, all relevant tax records and documents must be retained for a period of five years. This record-keeping requirement also applies to any capital gain or loss.

To this end, LouwCooperRasool provides a cost effective, tax file maintenance and data storage service (of physical and electronic documents).


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