Xero & Simple Pay

What is Xero

Xero describes themselves as "beautiful business & accounting software". It is online accounting software created to make businesses work better by automating their monthly bookkeeping and accounting requirements.

Basically, it is online, on the move cloud accounting software designed to automate your accounts as much as you want them to. For many entrepreneurs who are trying to do it all themselves, they don't have the time to give everything enough attention whilst they are getting their business up and running. Once you have tweaked it to suit your needs, Xero does the accounting work for you.

Some of the features include the ability to import your bank transactions into the software. You can access your accounts anytime and anyplace - even from an app on your phone. Xero can also send invoices automatically and reminders on your behalf.

All of your confidential data is held safely in one place. You can share information with your accountant or bookkeeper to make sure you are up to date with SARS. Your staff can created invoices quickly and simply. You can then either choose to approve and send or to have it sent automatically. Most importantly, Xero works beautifully with SimplePay Payroll Software!

What is Simplepay

SimplePay is South African Payroll software. It is computer software that helps businesses pay their staff for their work. It simply helps employers work out what their employees should get paid by tracking attendance time and hours logged. It then calculates what is due and pays the employee into their bank account. The software is ideally updated with the latest SARS requirements, so taxes and deductions are managed by the software.

Paying your staff or payroll must be done on a regular basis and has to be done correctly, with no mistakes. It can be a time intensive process and therefore makes sense to invest in software to assist companies, big or small, with this. The software aids in avoiding blunders whilst saving time. What is available now has made the process much easier than it used to be. Previously companies would outsource this task and save money by not having to employ someone full-time to do it. Now it has become so easy that businesses are taking this role back.

XERO AND SIMPLEPAY Connect these two powerful software systems and relax. SimplePay fully supports integration with Xero. You can import your chart of accounts from Xero into SimplePay. Once you have mapped them easily you can add all your payroll expenses, liabilities, etc. This will appear in Xero at the touch of a button. All tax calculations are updated and calculated automatically. Your precious employees are paid automatically, and your work productivity will increase because your staff are happy. There is a super integration guide here.

If you want to know more then please give us a shout! We would love to offer you a free-trial of Xero in South Africa.


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